Conservation Development maintains the following list of links as a service to its clients, collaborators, and to the public. We do not necessarily endorse the contents of the pages to which these links lead, since the owners of other websites may change their content without our knowledge. If you have any recommendated links, please contact us with suggestions.

United States EnergyStar program (government sponsored energy efficient program)
Green Infrastructure -- natural resource conservation effort
Oikos maintains an excellent library of resources
Rocky Mountain Institute -- one of the outstanding green think thanks in the United States
Sustainable Connections maintains a list of green building tools
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes information related to green building
United States Green Building Council (USGBC) -- organization responsible for administering LEED

Concept: Excellence -- a blog written by one of our collaborators
Eco-Structure -- trade magazine covering green building
Environmental Design + Construction -- trade magazine covering green building
Grist -- publication covering general green issues

Ed Mazria's The 2030 Challenge:
BuildingGreen, Inc -- publishers of Environmental Building News, GreenSpec, EBN Archives, and Green Building Advisor.
Green Building Services, Inc.