Some of Conservation Development’s most frequent and important collaborators include:

Jeff Arnold of Harris (, Jeff specializes in high performance executive coaching.

Robert Brander of Robert J. Brander, Inc. Robert, Lise Thompson's husband, was partner and builder on The James Dean House project. As a former faculty at The Parson's School of Design and The New York School of Interior Design, he also brings to the table his expert craftsmanship and refined design sensibility.

Robert Leaver of New Commons. In his work as a community psychologist, Robert helps people craft places where people can come together.

Tim Murphy of Regenesis Group. A pioneer in permaculture education and design, Tim harnesses his extraordinary site assessment skills in the service of specialized large-scale projects.

Jonathan Powers of Concept: Excellence. Jonathan consults decision makers as a knowledge manager, focusing on ethics, education, and design.

Bill Reed of Integrative Design Collaborative. Bill helps his clients move “beyond sustainability” in any area of endeavor.

Minot Weld of Wyvern Associates, LLC. Minot is a Leed AP Broker offering Real Estate Advisory Services.