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Useful Articles
Haggard, Ben; Reed, Bill and Mang, Pamela (of Regenesis Group)
"Regenerative Development" Venue, date

From the article: "Regenerative development conceptualizes projects as engines of positive or voluntary change for the systems into which they are built...Learning how to apply a regenerative approach begins not with a change of techniques but rather with a change of mind--a new way of thinking about how we plan, design, construct, and operate our built environment."

Mang, Pamela (of Regenesis Group). "Regenerative Design: Sustainable Design's Coming Revolution." Design Intelligence, July 2001.

From the article: "Regerative Design, which is still creating itself, introduces into Ecological Design at least two additional streams--the Science or Art of Place, and the science of living systems. Regeneration is far more than simple renewal or restoration...It calls for the integration of aspects of ourselves as designers and as human beings--those of spirit and meaning--that in this era are too often left outside the studio door. It demands that we reunite the art and science of design because we cannot succeed at sustainability if we fail to acknowledge human aspiration and will as the ultimate sustaining source of our activities.